Types of Vegetarians

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What is a vegetarian? vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, poultry, fish and other food sources of animal origin. Many people who choose a vegetarian lifestyle. According to studies, vegetarians have low Body Mass Index (BMI), have low cholesterol, decreased risk of coronary disease and diabetes type 2.

Vegetarians can be classified into several types. The types of vegetarians include:

1. Vegan
This type of vegetarian do not consume all kinds of foods derived from animals. In addition, Vegans also do not consume processed products from animals such as milk and cheese.

2. Lacto vegetarian
This type of vegetarian do not consume all kinds of foods derived from animals, but still consume milk.

3. Lacto ovo vegetarian
Lacto ovo vegetarians do not consume any type of meat but still consume milk and eggs.

4. Pesca vegetarian
Pesca vegetarians do not consume all types of meat, except fish. In addition, Pesca vegetarian still consume milk and eggs.

5. Flexitarian
This type of vegetarian still consume meat and dairy products, but only once in a while.

6. Frutarian
These types of vegetarian eating only fruits, grains, and nuts are rich in vitamin E. The frutarian sure that the fruits, seeds, and nuts are useful for skin beauty and ageless.

7. Raw foodist
These types of vegetarian eating only raw foods. They assume that the process of cooking can destroy the nutritional value contained in food. They eat uncooked vegetables, raw meat such as sushi (Japanese food), etc..

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