Important Role of Calcium For Healthy

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Important Role of Calcium For Healthy - What is Calcium? Calcium is a mineral which has an important role for human health. Besides useful for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, calcium is also useful for the work of the heart, the body's metabolism, a liaison between the nerve, and muscle movement. 99% of calcium inside the human body is in bones and teeth and 1% of calcium present in blood and other body cells.

Health benefits of calcium:

• Prevent osteoporosis
• Enabling nerve
• Smooth circulatory
• Flex Muscle
• Normalize blood pressure
• Balancing the levels of blood acidity
• Maintain body fluid balance
• Prevent osteoporosis
• Prevent heart disease
• Reducing the risk of colon cancer
• Overcoming cramps, back pain, hemorrhoids, and rheumatic
• Addressing complaints during menstruation and menopause
• Minimizes shrinkage of bone during pregnancy and lactation
• Assist in the tooth mineralization and prevent bleeding tooth root
• Overcoming dry and cracked skin on the feet and hands
• Restoring a decreased sex drive
• Overcoming diabetes

The content of calcium in the human body will continue to decrease with age. After 20 years old, the content of calcium in the body will be reduced 1% each year. At 50 years old, the content of calcium in the body will be reduced by 30%. Reduction of content of calcium in the body will continue to reach 50% at 70 years old.

Calcium needs of each person is different, that is based on the factor of age, sex, and also in certain circumstances such as in pregnant and lactating women.

• 400 mg for children aged 0-6 months
• 600 mg for children aged 7-12 months
• 800-1200 mg for children aged 6-10 years old
• 1200-1500 mg for adolescents and adults aged 11-24 years old
• 1200-1500 mg for pregnant and lactating women

The human body needs calcium every day. If the calcium requirement is not met, the body will take calcium from bones. If this happened in a long time, the bone density will be reduced and the bones will become brittle.

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